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We specialise in tuition for the main academic subjects taught in UK schools. We help primary school children develop their literacy and numeracy and secondary school children with their Mathematics, English, Sciences, Languages and Humanities.

We help children prepare for examinations both public, such as GCSE, iGCSE, IB and A Levels and entrance examinations to London schools.


Meet our leaders

Joy Liasu


“I started Joy Learning whilst training to be a science Teacher at Woolwich Polytechnic Secondary School in London. I believe a strong education is the best gift you can give to a child and dedicate each day to doing so. I still work as a fulltime teacher and run Joy Learning with my team of amazing women.”

Nazifa Wadud

Centre Manager

“Nazifa joined the team in 2015 as a saturday school tutor and has shown great dedication to the progress of our students. She now manages our saturday school at the Clockhouse Community Centre in Woolwich. She is commited to ensuring great quality lessons are delivered every saturday.”

Khaleda Haque

Customer Service Manager

““Khaleda joined the team in 2015 and has helped to grow Joy Learning to become what it is today. A vital member of the team who goes far and beyond to deliver an excellent service to our clients and tutors.””


Our mission

We want to provide students quick and easy access to great tutoring. We deliver lessons each saturday and connect with great tutors to help us achieve this. Helping your children reach their full academic potential is challenging to achieve on your own and this is the main reason people choose to hire a tutor or sign up to tutoring centres. We aim to be a companion for you when making the decision about how to help your children reach their potential. Whether you choose to hire one of our tutors, attend our saturday schools or just want to talk about your goals and how best to achieve them, our aim is to contribute positively to your child's academic journey to a fulfilling life.

Our service

How it works

We help you find a tutor for free. We do not require you to pay for contacting our tutors and all contact details are completely free for you to use.


We deliver weekly classes for students ages 5 to 16 to support them in their English, maths, sciences and 11+ exam preparation.


We connect brilliant tutors to new clients around London. We actively seek out tutoring jobs for tutors who advertise with us.

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