How to advertise as a private tutor

February 24, 2019
Joy Liasu

Now that you have decided to become a private tutor, the next step will be to find somebody to tutor. The first thing to think about is advertising, a significant step towards earning a living from tutoring. But how, you ask? Here are a list of things that will help you take these first steps as a private tutor and gain customers.


Be Prepared


Before posting your first ad, make sure you make a good impression and show that you are well prepared through your advertisements when clients call.

  • Make sure you have chosen the subject you would like to tutor. It is advised to choose a topic of your expertise, perhaps a similar area to what you’ve studied/are studying at university or one that you may have had experience working in.


  • Now that you have that sorted, which age range would you prefer to tutor? Consider the variation of learning styles that children may have at a certain age/grade and determine if they will work well with your teaching styles and moreover, if you will be able to accommodate to their specific needs.


  • Experience in tutoring or having worked with kids is always an advantage when you choose to be a private tutor, so looking into volunteering programs, or even just tutoring somebody you know will give you that extra boost when attracting clients. Having experienced teaching/tutoring can also help you attain valuable skills such as understanding and motivating children rather than just teaching the topic you're teaching.


  • Next, figure out how much you will be charging. Will it be per hour, or per session? Have a look at your credentials and experience as well as researching on how much tutors around your area charge. By doing this, you can decide on what is persuasive or not. You can only get an idea ontheir fees and that way, you can come to a conclusion about pricing.




If you choose to travel to your students, always take into consideration the travel time and if there are any disruptions to your journey at the time. If you choose to have students come to you, you must be 100% comfortable to have them around your home. Some tutors also choose to teach at tutor centres (like here at Joy Learning), which are based in good educational settings where both parties will be comfortable and can provide things they will need during the tutoring sessions.





Creating brochures and business cards is a very good way to get yourself known. Hand them out to people you know, and offer your services in places where customers may be looking for a tutor, for example, a library. The internet is also a strong source to offer your services and with the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, getting yourself out there is easier and more convenient than ever.

There are also other ways where you could get customers: letting a tutoring agency advertise for you or signing up with an online tutoring agency. Depending on the agency, you may be asked to demonstrate basic credentials such as having a university degree, however bear in mind that agencies do sometimes take a percentage of how much you earn so be sure to fully do your research before making this choice.


Another way is to sign up with an online tutoring agency where they will match you up with students after taking a look at your credentials. If you choose to do this, make sure you read the fine print and you fully understand their fees and conditions/restrictions.



What to include in your ads


When producing your ad, your aim is to catch attention, so be sure to be clear, concise and always demonstrate value. It should also be informative so make sure your fee, what subject you tutor and age range is included. You can even include examples of your tutoring: for example how a child you taught raised their grades higher in the past two months that you tutored them.


You can choose to advertise on newspapers, the internet, pamphlets or flyers at local supermarkets. It is all down to you and what you prefer.


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